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Super Camera Smart Phone: Huawei Nova 8

Do you want a smartphone that gives you the best experience of photography with longer battery life? Here is the best and most attractive Nova 8. The accurate smartphone from Huawei company.

This is the best smartphone known for its best click and if you want to explore more about this extraordinary Huawei nova 8, click on this link and grab all the information that you want to know about this stunning smartphone.

In this article, we are going to discuss the wonderful features of the nova 8 which is the best-selling smartphone from Huawei company so do not go anywhere and read this article thoroughly if you love to so shooting and photographs.

Key Features Of Huawei Nova 8

Stunning Design

Nova 8 has every attractive pink gold color with a very eyecatching design. It had a saturn-like rare camera structure that perfectly fit on its back side. With 7.64mm thinning and 169g weight, you will feel flawless and give delight to your hand.

With its COP packaging technology and bezel button of 6,57 inches screen, you got the best of all. It had a frameless flow with a 90 Hz of refresh rate and smooth touch technology. With its more than 392 pixel density give yourself a charm.


The most significant thing about this smartphone is its supercharging capacity. This smartphone is going to give you the best and fast 15 minutes charging process. It has in-house developed battery power technology.

If you are in a hurry you just need 15 minutes to charge this super smartphone from 0 % to 60 %. It got fully charged in just 35 minutes because of its 66w super battery. Stay connected to your loved one with fully charged battery power.

Excellent Camera

Now let’s move toward the most prominent and the most significant thing in this smartphone which is the camera of the nova 8. This smartphone is the best 64 MP HD main camera with 4-in-1 light fusion technology

It also contains a 120-degree ultra-wide camera of a wider angle. It contains the bokeh camera and a micro camera for the super short shooting of almost 4cm. Due to this different mode of the camera, this smartphone gives you the best experience of photoshoots and photography.

Robust To The Core

This smartphone had an almost 7nm kirin 820E processor and had a6 core mail G57 CPU for the best experience of powerful gaming and photo editing. It had lots of features related to photo editing like improvement of exposure and photo noise clear photos with night mode and more.

Stay Cool

Nova 8  also contains the 3D graphene heat dissipation technology. Now you do not need to worry about the wheat of your smartphone. Due to its heating sensor, it detects the heat immediately and starts the cooling process. Due to this technology you can use your smartphone for longer.


Sum up the article by saying this, overall the features of nova 8 are good but the super battery and camera features make this smartphone extraordinary. And due to these 2 super features, the nova 8 become the best-selling smartphone in the list of Huawei.

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