Friday, February 23, 2024
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Write For Us – Real Estate, Travel, & Food Guest Post Opportunities!

Writing is a way to make a path for the thoughts that are trapped in our mind. We at Wirelly, gives the opportunity to new writers to join our team and write for the blog site to find a way to share their insight and knowledge through words. 

If you are also willing to try your hands at writing blog posts and have a knack for writing, then read about our ‘Write For Us’ program and give writing articles a go. It might reveal that you have a hidden talent to play with words and captivate others through it. 

Write for Us Program 

The ‘Write For Us’ program can be availed by anyone who shows interest in writing and can provide with well-researched and accurate information. You can write for our blog site if you are interested in sharing your insights and forming them into engaging words. 

We love to welcome writers with new talent and a different set of skills to present in front of our readers. It is important that the contents that are submitted are creative with interesting content. 

When you are ready to write for us, send us your innovative and creative suggestions. Follow the guidelines mentioned below for joining our team as a guest writer. The guidelines for writers will help you to simplify and assist you in the joining process. 

Guidelines for Writers 

The top priority for our team is reader’s satisfaction and we do not compromise on it in any way. Therefore, we recommend that you consider the following guidelines before you apply to write for us as a guest writer. 

  • The content or article that is submitted must be plagiarism free and 100% original 
  • An article should be at least 750 words that can reach up to 1500 words according to the complexity of the topic 
  • The article should be free from grammatical and syntax errors 
  • Add the links that you used for research at the end of the article 
  • Make sure that the tone of the article is conversational and easy to comprehend by general audience and readers 
  • Keywords are very important for the articles. Use them wisely 
  • Keyword density should be consistent throughout the article  
  • Avoid using passive voice and instead use active voice   
  • Try to create short sentences instead of longer ones 
  • Make a content that is well-researched and creative 
  • Try to collect data from authentic sources 
  • Select a topic or niche that is trending and pose interest for readers 

Rules to Submit the Articles 

When you are ready to write an article for our blog site, you can contact us through email and send us your article over there. Be sure to include basic information about yourself in the email. Try to avoid sharing any irrelevant details in the email. Make sure to keep your proposals short and concise, using only the necessary and relevant details. 

It is probable that every entry will take a week’s time for our editor to go through. Once the article and submission are considered, you may hear back from the editor if your article is approved. If not, your article must have been rejected for some valid reason. 

Even if your first submission is not approved, it is advised to not lose hope and try again with a better topic and a more impactful article that will be difficult for our editor to reject. 

Before you submit an article or proposal, make sure you follow all the steps outlined in our guidelines for writers to ensure that your article is accepted on our site. 

Contact Us 

Submit your proposals at

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