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Importance of Data Back-Up by Samsung Repair Center in Boise 

Have you ever lost your cell phone? Or worse has your cellphone ever malfunctioned? Have you ever lost all your precious data? Approximately 100-115 cellphones are lost or stolen every minute all around the world and over 70 million cellphones are lost each year. Imagine the panic you will feel at the thought of losing all your cellphone data. Whether it’s your family vacation pictures or an office project, the data in your cellphone is too valuable to lose. This is where data backup comes into place. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of data backup according to the Samsung Repair center in Boise. But first, What is Data Backup? Let’s have a look.

What is Data Backup? according to Samsung Repair Center in Boise

The process of creating an archive or a copy of the important data stored on your devices like a cellphone, tablet, or laptop is called Data Back up. This backup is used to restore the information in case of a data loss. If you think you are safe from data loss? Then you are mistaken. From a visit to a cellphone repair center to hard drive failures, stolen cellphones, technical errors to human errors, data loss can occur to anyone, anywhere. Thus, data backup is the only way that will bring respite in this situation. In data backup, the data is stored in a separate location from the original data. As a result, it is secure and safe. 

What data should you back up?

Any important data that can not be replaced should be backed up. For example

  • Important pictures in the gallery
  • Memorable videos
  • Favorite music playlists
  • Important emails
  • Valuable documents
  • Office projects/ Spreadsheets/ financial documents and much more.

What are data backup options available?

There are mainly four ways through which one can secure their data. These are

  1. Removable drives
  2. External Hard drives
  3. Cloud services
  4. Paid backup services

Let’s have a look at them in detail
1. Removable drives:

Removable drives refer to portable devices that transfer data from one device to another. They are the smallest storage option available. Examples include CDs, DVDs, and Various types of USB Drives. In case of theft or loss, removable drives do not have any security locks. As a result, the data will be at risk.

2. External Hard Drives:

USB Flash Drives and solid-state drives also known as SSD are a few examples of external hard drives that provide ample storage space. These devices are connected externally through cables or even wirelessly. External hard drives are portable, easy to use, and have huge storage space.

3. Cloud Services

Through cloud services, users can excess their backup data at any time but remember! The backup data is stored on a hard drive in a remote location. Infinite data storage is the most significant attraction cloud storage solutions provide to their users. They also encrypt the data to provide security. Some famous cloud storage solutions include iCloud, GoogleDrive, and DropBox. Cloud services are compatible with both cell phones and computers.

4. Paid Back up services

If you or your organization have tons of data then it is best to call backup service providers. Due to their experience in backup software, hybrid backup solutions, and much more, it is best to call them and get professional help.


Data backups are a necessity in a world full of digital evolutions. It is so important that now the world celebrates a World Back up Day. Thus, what are you waiting for. Create a data backup so that you don’t have to worry even before visiting the best cellphone repair center like Four Corners Repair Center.

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